[Upgraded]Wake Up Light Alarm Clock 7 Colors Atmosphere Light Sunrise & Sunset Reproduction & Snooze Function

Inventory 100
Brand GRDE
Color White
Origin UPC:6266771828289

Upgraded Sunrise and Sunset Simulation : The sunrise simulation light will gradually increase from 10% to 100% and gradually increase brightness from soft red to bright white to wake you up naturally during 10-60min. In sunset simulation mode, LED light will will gradually dim from 100% to 0% in 10-120min. The upgraded version has a more natural light gradient, so I would like to recommend it to a person who feels uncomfortable with the alarm sound that occurs in dark hours or who has poor sleep.

8 kinds of Natural sounds & 7 Colors Atmosphere Light : Alarm sounds can be selected from 8 kinds of natural sounds of birdsong, wave, river, vibe, wind chime, melody and piano. Wake up naturally with soft light and sound in the morning. In addition,7 Colors Atmosphere Light like a rainbow, you can change the atmosphere of the room and enjoy the interior.

Double Alarm & Snooze Function : 2 sets of alarms are set, eliminating the hassle of changing the alarm time for weekdays and holidays or for yourself and your partner. very convenient. Also, with the snooze function, you can enter snooze by clicking the snooze button at the top of the alarm clock at the time of alarm. After 9 minutes the lights and sound will work again. (You can repeat snooze up to 5 times)
FM Radio & USB Charging Port : This product is equipped with an FM radio function(76.0 108MHz), and the alarm sound can also be set to FM radio. Play your favorite radio channel anytime. In addition, there is a USB port behind this product, so you can charge your smartphone or doublet.

Warranty&Notes We promise lifetime warranty. For beginners, the product setting will be slightly complicated. Please be patient and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately, we will answer you in time.